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    Westchester & New Haven Counties*

*some areas 

If you do not see your town or city, ask us if we can deliver to your area.


We bring you door-to-door service and welcome home, office, and apartment delivery requests. We'll be delivering using no-contact delivery unless otherwise requested. Pickup option is also available.

Delivery Fee: $10

We deliver every Sunday morning between 9am-5pm. Office deliveries will go out on Monday mornings between 9am-12pm. (We cannot guarantee a preferred time but we can try to accommodate it as much as possible.)

Pickup: NO FEE


Pickup orders will be available for pickup on Sunday between 9am-2pm (Location: 856 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT).


You will be able to track your Sunday delivery using our Real-time Order Tracking. You will receive a series of three text notifications throughout the day;


(1) One in the morning giving you a two-hour time window of when to expect your delivery.

(2) Another when we're about 30 minutes out showing our estimated time of arrival and allowing you to track your driver in real-time.

(3) And once again when your delivery has been made. (If necessary, please specify delivery instructions at checkout.)

All orders will be delivered in cooler bags (you can request an ice pack!). This will ensure freshness, even if you’re unavailable at time of drop off, until meals can be stored safely and refrigerated at 38F. However, it is recommended that someone is available to receive your order once it has been delivered (especially during the warmer months). If there are any concerns with your availability, please make sure to call/text us at (203) 357-5140 or email so we can plan accordingly. Otherwise, delivery will be made. You can also decide to pick up your order on any given day, and we will refund your delivery charge.   

NOTE: Cooler bags (and ice packs) must be returned and left out for the delivery driver on the following delivery day. You can also choose to leave your own personal cooler out for us to put your meals in when we deliver. We'll put an ice pack in the cooler, just be sure to leave the ice pack in your cooler for us to pick up so we can replace it on the following delivery day.

Please refer to our FAQs page for more information on our delivery process.